Level up with WebAssembly - Team Edition (Unlimited Team Size)

Robert Aboukhalil
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The Book

A PDF file with 90 pages, jammed-pack with awesomeness. Also includes the code snippets from the book. And you'll get access to all future updates!

Cheat Sheets

The most common CLI options you'll need + sample code snippets

Quickstart Guide to WebWorkers and FileReader

Introductory guide to two Web APIs used in the book to complement WebAssembly

Guide to Serverless WebAssembly

A guide to serverless WebAssembly. Includes code + deploy instructions for AWS, GCP, Azure, Cloudflare & Fastly.

15 Command-Line Screencasts

With play/pause controls and copy/paste functionality!

Guide to Porting UNIX tools to the web

Learn to port awk, diff and coreutils tools such as cut, sort and uniq!

Capstone Project

Practice what you've learned, by building an interactive web tool that uses WebAssembly to cluster data points

Case Study

Read about our experience using WebAssembly to speed up a data-heavy web app by 20X

Learn more at levelupwasm.com

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Level up with WebAssembly - Team Edition (Unlimited Team Size)

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